Mr. Darville, founder of Brocadiant Legal PLLC, provides core counseling and litigation services in the areas of trademark, copyright, business formation and governance, employment law and ecommerce.

Trademark Clearance, Prosecution, Maintenance and Portfolio Management:

Brocadiant Legal provides comprehensive trademark clearance, prosecution, maintenance and portfolio management services, assisting clients in building, registering and enforcing their brands in the U.S. and, through a network of international associates, in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Latin America. Mr. Darville has extensive experience in assisting clients with trademark protection and enhancing their brands.

Trademark Litigation:

Mr. Darville has represented numerous companies in trademark, unfair competition and domain name disputes in federal courts across the country. His goal is to assist clients in protecting their intellectual property rights efficiently and within budget while vigorously advocating their legal rights in court.

Copyright Counseling and Registration:

Brocadiant Legal assists clients in registering their copyrights and protecting their creative works whether literary, musical, dramatic, pictorial, graphic, sculptural, choreographic, audiovisual, sound recordings or architectural. Mr. Darville has extensive experience in handling matters before the U.S. Copyright Office and in obtaining copyright protection for many categories of works.

Copyright Litigation:

Mr. Darville has represented companies in numerous copyright disputes in federal courts across the United States. His extensive copyright litigation experience facilitates efficient resolution of infringement and counterfeiting cases.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Recordation:

Brocadiant Legal recognizes the importance of protecting IP rights at the border to facilitate the exclusion of infringing and counterfeit goods. Recordation of clients’ trademarks and copyrights with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is a critical step for seizure of infringing goods at U.S. ports of entry before such products can erode a client’s business and profits. Enforcement of recorded trademarks and copyrights takes precedence over those that are not recorded with CBP.

Business Formation and Governance:

Brocadiant Legal advises companies on every aspect of business formation, organization and governance, as well as the commercial transactions involved in launching, growing and defending their businesses.


Brocadiant Legal counsels clients in the myriad legal issues germane to conducting business online, including issues concerning privacy, contract, delivery, fulfillment, payment, security, advertising, piracy, domain name, digital copyright, trademark, unfair competition and other issues.